Lights, rather than Words

For thousands of years, our ancestors understood time by following the movement of shadows as the sun made its way across the sky. Then, the advent of the Industrial Revolution brought high-precision machines that changed the perception of time, making it more tangible and accurate. The impact was significant, enabling a minute-by-minute understanding of a 24-hour day. Now, in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, time has become just one piece of information on a data-filled screen. With an abundance of words, numbers and images shown to us in a single display, it takes more time to find and absorb the information that matters to us most. Tapping the latest IoT technologies, VELDT LUXTURE smartwatch uses lights, instead of words, to deliver the information you want to see, and when you want to see it.

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Life Tech Rebalance

At VELDT, our mission is to rebalance life and technology. Today’s smart devices and applications are designed to capture our attention and time, often at the price of our well-being, relationships, and environment. The VELDT smartwatch takes a different approach. We optimize our technology for harmony and beauty. The design and functionalities are driven by a sustainable future – to inspire actions that improve ourselves, our society, and the global environment. The latest VELDT LUXTURE smartwatch deliberately reduces the amount of data displayed at any given time, conveying only the most important information that you define. Words are replaced with lights for a more sublime experience. Unique built-in capabilities, such as the Climate Action Reminder, foster awareness of global climate change with the hope that individuals are inspired to be good citizens of the Earth. VELDT LUXTURE smartwatches offer a new luxury for seekers of balance, harmony, and beauty in a digital world.

Connected and Sustainable Future



VELDT is a Tokyo and San Francisco-based consumer technology company that develops IoT products, services, software, and data analytics technologies. Technological innovations combined with our ability to be continuously connected with each other have brought an unprecedented level of convenience, but both that convenience comes new social and environmental problems. VELDT doesn't seek to innovate technology so much as innovate the way we interact with technology, creating positive upward spirals for human society and the global environment.