Model IG
Inspired by Iceberg at Sunset

Metal Bracelet Collection

Model IG Black & Orange - Metal Strap
Model IG Black & Orange - Metal Strap
Model IG Black & Orange - Metal Strap
Model IG Black & Orange - Metal Strap
Model IG Black & Orange - Metal Strap
Model IG Black & Orange - Metal Strap
Model IG Black & Orange - Metal Strap

Model IG
Black & Orange - Metal Strap

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VELDT LUXTURE Model IG is the first of its kind. Designed to evoke images of Earth’s disappearing icebergs, LUXTURE Model IG was, from concept to creation, created to inspire and enable each of us to do more in the battle against climate change. The Orange model seen here reflects the tint of the translucent edge of the iceberg as seen against the sun as it rises each dawn, and sets each dusk. This piece inspires with a splash of orange, helping to energize you to take on the day. Adding a sense of glamour to your fashion, this LUXTURE Model IG is perfect for business and everyday use.

コードネームは"Iceberg"。地球温暖化の影響を受ける氷山のイメージにインスピレーションを得た新モデルです。氷山の持つ神秘的なブルー、夕暮れ時に氷を通して透き通るオレンジ、氷と陸地の景観をイメージしたローズ・ブラウンの3つのカラーを用意しました。LUXTUREの特徴、12時と6時の位置にあるクチバシ状の形状"VELDT BEAK(ヴェルトビーク)に合わせ、ステンレススチールのブレスレットの一コマ一コマをデザイン。ベゼルにはスマートフォンからの情報を、パーセンテージで見やすく表示するため100を最大としたメモリを持っています。本格的な時計でありながら直感的にデジタル情報を表示するヴェルト独自のスタイルが貫かれています。

Our signature VELDT BEAK design features a sleek casing that protrudes at 12 and 6, reminiscent of icebergs reaching above the surface as the casing stretches into and synchronizes with the metal bracelet frame by frame. LUXTURE’s rear case is made with colored glass matching the color profile of the watch’s front. The bezel includes 100 clean and distinct markings capable of clearly relaying numerous information from your smartphone to your arm. A genuine watch with the unique VELDT craftsmanship bridging tradition with the digital age.


Your favorite lighting colors and vibration patterns can be set to notifications for Facebook®, Instagram®, WhatsApp®, LINE®, email, phone, calendars, etc. LUXTURE can be synced with your smartwatch health app and using internal sensors, you can keep track of different kinds of data you select, such as activity level, condition, and weight. LUXTURE has some preset functions related to nature, such as moon phase (a classic luxury watch feature). In addition to preset functions, LUXTURE can use the Riiiver platform jointly developed by VELDT Inc. and Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. By using Riiiver, you can create functions freely. You can also download and use the functions published by other Riiiver members on LUXTURE.

NotificationsText Messages
Call / Email
SNS / App Alerts
Calendar Alerts

ConnectivityBluetooth Low Energy 5 Ready
CompatibilityiOS 12+
Android™ 6+
MaterialStainless Steel
Sapphire Glass
Color Glass (Back)
SizeDiameter: 38mm
Thickness: 12.4mm
Movement BatteryQuartz
Built-In Button Cell
Estimated 2-Year Life
Smart Function BatteryLithium Polymer
(Estimated 3 Days per Charge)
Light Sensor
UV Sensor
Charging MethodWireless (Charging Dock and USB cable included)
Water Resistance5 bar
Warranty1 Year Limited